We treat dogs and cats in your home

Urban Livestock and Equine Veterinary Services is beyond excited to now be offering services for dogs and cats. We are able to provide veterinary care both at the clinic as well as in the comfort of your home. Many of the services provided in a full service hospital can be accomplished in your home, such as annual exams, ill exams, blood tests, vaccinations, health certificates, hospice care and when needed compassionate in-home euthanasia and cremation. Housecalls are convenient for the elderly and the disabled, but busy professionals and families also find that our services save them valuable time, especially when they have multiple pets.  Pets also appreciate the housecall veterinarian.  Cats that don't like car rides or get scared in a veterinary hospital and dogs that can't get into the car or get car sickness are all easier to treat in their own homes.

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