Urban Livestock & Equine Veterinary Services provides mobile medical and surgical care for llamas and alpacas.  For some surgical procedures we may recommend that you transport your llama or alpaca to our clinic, however we are not currently equipped to provide overnight hospitalization for camelids.  The most common reasons we see camelids are for castration surgery, routine dentistry, heat stress, digestive illness, trauma or injury.  Contact us today if your llama or alpaca is ill or injured, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for routine preventive care. 

Preventing Heat Stress in Llamas and Alpacas

Heat stress is especially an issue here in the Arizona desert.  The key to managing heat stress is prevention and vigilance. During hot times of the year you should check your animals several times a day and have preventative measures in place.  It can start getting dangerously warm even in the early spring, so start preparing your farm or ranch for these conditions well before they occur.

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